Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hawaii- Day Two (Sugarcane Plant/Cemetery)

As promised, here are the pictures from a little adventure that Ryan and I took yesterday, we took the car and drove out to this old abandoned sugarcane factory, it was all fenced off so we couldn't get that close. It was so cool! It looked like the coolest place ever to explore at night! We were able to walk sort of around it and sneak some cool pictures so that made me happy! We also went into a little town near by and went into stores and later adventured up into the cemetery! This whole adventure was all Ryan's idea, he knows exactly what my favorite places are to take pictures! We have no plans yet for the day but I'm gonna guess they will involve sun, the ocean and my camera!
More pictures coming later!

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1 comment:

connie said...

I am so glad Ryan feeds your photo addiction! Watching for more...

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