Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Logo Design

More designs for my logo, I am starting to like it more, but I'm not sure any of these will be what I go with. What do you think? Advice and comments would be so helpful right now! Please let me know what you think!

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Jewel Imaging said...

Hey Stevi! My two cents: you may want to wait until you have a clear direction of how you want to market yourself and your services before you decide on a logo and corporate identity.

Fbook me an update on your plans for school and stuff?! Then I can give a couple more cents.

MGF said...

I liked the very first one- font was a little hard to read, but the red was a great color. And I like the middle one of this set.

What is the meaning of the studio name?

Mitch Elder said...


The one in the middle is best of the three. The use of the shutter for the eye works better than it does as a background for the bird figure. I would try making it a little larger and then printing the logo small enough to fit on a business card. In the end, if it isn't clearly readable at that reduced size, it's confusing. Also, when you reduce it down, you might find that the red becomes a little fuzzy. Do the whole thing in black and white first and then add color judiciously. It's a great start.

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