Friday, July 3, 2009

Hawaii- Day Three

Today was all full of adventures! We went to a different beach a ways away from our resort so that Ryan could rent a surf board and try to surf without lessons! It was fun to watch but from the sounds of it, it was very hard and quite frustrating. We hung out there for awhile and then I tagged along on Ryan and Shaun's golf trip out to a really nice local green. The entire course was gorgeous and they let me drive the cart so I was happy!
Tmro will be an interesting day, we are doing a thirteen mile hike to some peak. I'm not really sure where it is, or what it's going to be like but I will bring my camera and I will document everything! I'm super tired right now and wayy too ready for bed and I think it's only about 9:30. Sorry for the short write up, but I'm sleepy!

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connie said...

It sounds amazing. I absolutly love the photo of the palm trees at the golfcourse. Have a great day on your hike.

Kendra said...


The pictures are amazing, looks like you guys are having fun! Can't wait to see more pics!


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