Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hawaii- Day Two

Poipu Beach Hike, it was amazing! Just under five miles (or so they say) and it went along the coast line and near some really amazing cliffs and rock formations!

This last picture is of "Spouting Horn" it was an area in the rocks where water would shoot up into the air and make a cool sound. The hype seems to be much greater than the actual sight, but it was pretty impressive at times. It does make you wonder how these places become so popular, and do they seem more impressive if there are more people snapping pictures and following tourist signs to it?
So far I am having an amazing time! After the hike Ryan and I immediately hit the beach for some snorkling and lounging around. I have not mastered the whole breathing through a tube thing, but seeing colorful fish swimming right under me make all the struggling worth it!
We also explored beyond the resort and went outside an abandoned sugarcane factory and to an old cemetary on the island. Those pictures are unedited, so they may be up later, or tmro.
I will post as much as I can between adventures!

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connie said...

Oh, I wish I was there. Looks just amazing. I love the photo of you and Ryan!

Jewel Imaging said...

I really like the first picture. I'm soo jealous!

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