Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hello internet world, have you missed me? I have been crazy busy lately and I feel bad about neglecting my beautiful blog so I thought I would post a quick update. So in the last two weeks I graduated college (YAY!), got a job as a counter girl at a pizza place, moved out of my old apartment (tent picture and roomie picture from moving day), moved into Ryan's, and on top of all of this, preparing to go to HAWAII!!
I leave on Sunday to fly out to spend a whole week and a day in Kauai! I have been crazy paranoid about my camera lately because I know I will be taking hundreds of pictures of everything I see there and Hawaii without a camera would be torture! I might just pack it away in a bag all charged up and protected until I get there!
So today will most likely be the last time I go back to my apartment, ever! Crazy! I'm going back to grab a few last minute things and then locking the doors and saying goodbye. New and exciting changes!! Wish me luck!

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