Friday, April 17, 2009

Portfolio Design

I'm currently working on my physical portfolio that I will get printed and bring with me to interviews and meetings with places such as galleries. I am currently taking a class at the University of Oregon where I learn how to put these together and what the proper steps are to finding a job in the big scary art world. I am happy with what i have so far, these are some quick samples of my ideas. I will have an index as well and the pages will be split between categories such as portraits, landscapes, series' and objects. I am excited to see how it will look when I get it all together.
What do you think so far?
Should I include my contact information on the front page, that is normally not included but I thought that a busy employer might appreciate the info right in an easy to find place. Should I stay more conventional or go for convenient?


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Mitch Elder said...

Adorama offers custom photo books. I've never ordered one myself, but the prices seem to be pretty reasonable for a one-off job.

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