Monday, April 13, 2009

Camera Lucida and Larry Sultan

Photo classes are starting to pick up speed and I am preparing for critiques in both 'The Document' as well as 'Conceptual Strategies' on Monday. As I get images edited, I will post them!
I am currently reading sections from the book 'Camera Lucida' by Roland Barthes. It is an amazing book that brings up some interesting points about the truthfulness of photography and how we as subjects, observers and photographers look at images and what goes through a person's mind when they look at images. Quotes to come soon from the reading.
I highly suggest picking up a copy and taking the time to consider how this art form has changed and how it effects many aspects of our lives in amazing ways.
tmro i will be going to an artist lecture where the visiting artist is Larry Sultan a photographer I like very much and whom I have been learning a great deal about this term. His artwork ranges from The Valley (2004) a collection of images that study the porn industry in California all the way to images of his family in Pictures From Home (1992).
I am very excited! I will post afterwards about it!

Good Night

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