Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Photograph as Record of Performance

Thinking of ideas for my first project for Conceptual Strategies
titled "Photograph as Record of Performance"

It is to be based off of some of the readings we did in the book 'Conceptual Art' by Tony Godfrey where he talks about photography being a major form within the conceptual art movement because of its abilities to somewhat objectively record/document and event. We are to consider the actual truth behind and photograph and interpret that how we wish, I feel that the truth of the image is up to the photographer and I intend to play with that a bit in my project. I think letting the viewer feel that they almost know and understand what is going on in the image is important but to also tease them a little and make them question what they are looking at.

The project itself is very open to interpretation and we can use whatever methods and mediums we feel would fit with the project. We are to use photography as a device through which we can document an activity, performance, action, or phenomenon that would not exist outside this photographic record.

My first idea for this project was just me making and eating a sandwich and putting everything away afterwards... without seeing that picture you have no way of knowing or proving that I had a sandwich.
This idea is most likely not gonna be my project, but that's my start.
Any ideas or suggestions? Does this make you think of any work i could look at for inspiration?


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