Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is my final due tmro and I am STUCK, the first one is my friend Tyler as a teletubby and I think that it tells a story and is more interesting and easy to look at. Yet the second one has so much more work put into it and it is blended and has many layers. Which should I go with, the one that looks better and has some humor to it, or the one that has so much more to it and maybe looks too busy.

The requirements for this project are posed below and technically I need to include 8 layers, which both of these have and it needs to have something to do with a map.
The story behind the second one may make everything easier to understand, it was an adventure I took out on a beautiful day to explore the area near the greenhill human society and I found myself stopping to play with kittens and break into an abandoned gas station.

This is another one that I'm working on. DAMN this is HARD!

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