Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

This is my favorite picture I have ever taken of my mom, and this site is the only proof it existed, it was destroyed in the horrible hard drive crash of 08. Tragic day.

but onto the reason for this post, my mom, and mothers day!

I have been thinking about my mom a lot lately and I wish i could be with her today, but I will be visiting soon! I wish I could be there sharing a late morning/afternoon cup of coffee and just talking and enjoying the view of the ocean out the window. Some of my greatest memories with my mom have just been our mornings spent talking and just enjoying each others company.

I have so many wonderful thing I my life that I owe to my mother and she is the reason that I am who I am. She has always accepted me as a person and recognized my accomplishments and gently encouraged me to do what I am passionate about and do something that will make me truly happy. I am so thankful to have such a caring compassionate mother who even in my roughest times and my most rebellious moments has stuck with me and help me when I needed it.

She has give me so much and I will always, always be grateful!
She is the reason I am artistic, the reason I am kind, the reason I have curly hair, she is also the reason I have been so successful in school and life and she is the reason I will achieve my goals and dreams in the future.

Thank you mom,

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connie said...

Thank you sweetie! I love you too. Raising you and your brother is the best thing I have ever done. You are both such incredible people and I am so very proud to say I am your MOMMY!!!! I love you.

MGF said...

I do really love that picture of your mom.

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