Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Final Project- Due tmro!

Unique Activities in Normal Places
Artist Statement

As an artist I feel that it is important to show the beauty and intrigue in every situation I come across, whether that situation be a scene with an object or landscape as the subject or a scene that shows another person posed or natural. I believe that first and foremost, as an artist it is my obligation to make something that will bring joy or thought to the viewer. Bringing them from their everyday life into my created reality. Many of my photographs have been the void of human life, mostly focusing on and emphasizing objects that are not normally noticed for found to be beautiful. That for so many years has been a theme that characterized my work, until now. With this class, The Fabricated Image, I am learning to express myself, my ideas and a message through constructed scenes using models, all of which I control. This absolute control over the situation has allowed me to create images that are almost exactly as I picture them in my head.

This new found ability has inspired me to take my work in a new and more playful directing, favoring almost humorous scenes in order to show they beauty and fun in the most ordinary of places. My final project is the accumulation of everything I have learned in class and in the studio all put into practice in order to perfectly portray the vision I have in my head. In this project that image was of people doing unique and somewhat adventurous activities in normal surroundings. I feel that this will draw in the eye of the viewer with unique angles and humorous content, and then make them stop and imagine all the fun activities in new places that they could go out and do! I want them to think of new and interesting things that they can do and feel inspired to go out and get a little crazy. This project was my way bringing some fun back into my art and to have fun while doing it!

If all you take from my work is a desire to try something new, I will feel like I have accomplished my goal! I want you, the viewer to use your imagination and step outside of the box for a moment and see what adventures you can find.


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