Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Food as Fetish"

This is a project titled "Food as Fetish" for my studio lighting class, there were very few parameters for this project so it was quite easy to just go crazy and have a little fun with studio lighting. The requirements for this were that it relate to food in some way, be shot in color on digital or slide film and be shot using some of the skills we have learned in the last few weeks. For these shots I used a strobe kit and a soft box to make a very nice even light that casts across the image from left to right.
As far as the concept goes for this image I was inspired by Sophie Calle's "Chromatic Diet" and I wanted to speak to the emphasis that I see all around me on the presentation of food. It seemed that how a meal looks is far more important than how it tastes or even its nutritional value.
I also just wanted to make some crazy colored waffles! I have some good pictures of the process and the huge mess I made in my boyfriend's parent's kitchen. Those pictures will be coming soon when I get them all edited.

Good Night

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connie said...

Wonderful. These are so cool. I see you put the large martini glass to good use. I am looking forward to the pictures of the process.

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