Thursday, October 16, 2008

Singular Image Final Product

Singular Image
The goal is to create a single image that portrays an aspect of an individual, particular place, or specific object using three of the following four tools in photoshop: 1. HDR 2. Perspective 3. Cloning 4. Retouching.

I initially came across this scene when I was out exploring the alley ways and streets that run behind the Knight Library in Eugene, I found a great deal of amazing spots and interesting people but nothing stood out to me as strongly as this giant pool of water. This was just across the street from the library near the center of downtown and it had been a construction site at one point and somewhere along the line it was abandoned. I loved the way the vibrant colors of cars and objects surrounding it reflected off the pool's surface. These effects make for a serene and almost majestic scene that is quite similar to pictures I have seen of vast lakes and bodies of water out in nature.
Looking through online archives of HDR image, it quickly becomes apparent what a majorities of these photographers choose as their subjects, either famous buildings or unique nature scenes. They take these already powerful and amazing images and using HDR photomerging they are able to bring out more detail and color to give a surreal quality to a scene you have probably already seen taken by many photographers before them. I recognized this pattern and took that into consideration and when I went out to take pictures, and I did the exact opposite! I wanted to use this incredible technique to bring out the detail, color and beauty of a location that no one would have seen as beautiful or special before. I was drawn to this image as my final because out of all my picture, this is the one that fits that idea the best, while the body of water looks similar to a lake in any serious nature photograph, the cement and city life surrounding it causes a stong contrast. I feel this contrast is what makes the image interesting and fun to look at because it is almost humorous to see this serene body of water surrounded by downtown Eugene.
It is my hope that the humor and beautiful quality of my image stands out in your mind and it causes you took look around you and recognize things that you might not have noticed before. I would like you to find something that is unique and interesting, maybe it has a fun texture, a unique shadow, or an odd placement and find its beauty. Recognize that this image is beautiful and take a moment to enjoy finding something wonderful in this world that has been right in front of you the entire time.

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