Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photograph as Map/Map as Photograph

Consider how you might synthesize a number of images to in a way that maps an experience, event, or place. Think about how your map might function as a way to get closer to a place or an emotion. For this assignment, we are describing a map as a "spacial arrangement of data" or how the juxtaposition of your images affect the overall message of your photo/map.
Create a collage-based map using multiple lays and blending techniques in photoshop using at least 8 layers, each containing different images.
So this assignment is giving me quite a bit of trouble, I am struggling with the idea and I don't yet know how I want to combine the images i have. This weekend I went on an adventure to play with kitties and photograph abandoned buildings. I would like to figure out some way to relate these two extremes. Kitties and scary buildings..... any ideas?

ALSO..... I would love to get some ideas, comments, criticisms, or just any sort of feed back from those who check out my little blog. I feel weird just writing in this not knowing if anyone reads it, and if so... who.. you can leave comments without having a blogger account, so DO IT!
lovexoxoxoxo stevi

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Otter said...

Hmm,wellit seems to me that the two subjects you have so far perpetuate oposite feelings (at least as you have it stated...cuddly kitties and scary buildings) so why not continue with the theme of feelings/emotions? Comfort, security, sadness, fear...what else can you capture?
Your first project exemplified an emotion as well so it seems like this is something that comes naturally. Run with it :) How you arrange them/collage them is an entirely separate issue though...
Good luck!

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